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Zuu Keeper provides high-tech marketing services that go above and beyond to target the perfect customer for every brand they serve. They take a programmatic approach using a combination of AI technology and a team of dedicated specialists to analyze and hone every aspect of each campaign. Zuu Keeper can create targeted ads that reach the right customers more effectively, all by accurately tracking and analyzing data every step of the way to support data driven strategic decision making. Understanding what factors drive real-time conversions is how their team consistently delivers next-level programmatic ad campaigns. One of the biggest challenges that Zuu Keeper faced was that they are a highly technological company that works with all types of businesses. They needed to portray themselves as an expert in their field so that their target audience would be more inclined to choose them instead of their competitors.


The Web Loft development team worked closely with Zuu Keeper’s leadership to create a design that would resonate with their target audience. Through multiple meetings and consultations, we built a customized strategy that helped carry their brand message throughout the website design process and provide an educational user experience. Our goal with their custom website design was to first educate users on the advantages of programmatic marketing, and then showcase the specialized tools and metrics that set Zuu Keeper clients apart from the competition. The first step to building their perfect customer experience was starting with a secure, mobile-friendly, WordPress-based CMS. Using that powerful base, we created a modern tech-inspired design, accented by their cheerfully bold branding color palette. Infographic-style illustrations and design elements helping to emphasize their commitment to data analytics and the central role it plays in their campaigns planning and execution.


Zuu Keeper's leadership expressed their high level of satisfaction with the WLD team throughout the website design and building process. We successfully built a custom website that provides users with engaging content while providing their business with lead generation tools that will prove to be key for them now as well as in the future. Web Loft Designs successfully integrated their dashboard system and proprietary software programs with a beautifully designed WordPress website! We look forward to continuing our work with Zuu Keeper in the future as they grow and develop their business.

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Rex DeBord

Amazing! We've collaborated with Web Loft Designs for years and are consistently wowed by both their top-notch web development and their fantastic team!

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