Edelweiss School of Music

4140 Legacy Dr #300
Plano, TX 75024


Edelweiss School of Music is an independent education provider for all your musical needs. They provide lessons for all ages, have highly-trained and experienced instructors, promote their special needs program, offer fully equipped studios with piano and other instruments, hosy a youth orchestra and instructors will even travel to your home to complete in home lessons. Edelweiss School of Music came to Web Loft Designs because it was very hard to discern what makes them different from its competition from anything other than an experience perspective. Web Loft Designs created a new custom WordPress site that is easy to support and update, with the goal of  improving the user experience and lead generation for specific categories and target audiences including parents, students, and schools. Part of this effort was to create specific flows with series of steps on a visitor’s way to making a decision to enroll, contact Edelweiss School of Music for information or schedule a visit and for schools to contact them for information about their referrals program. Web Loft Designs also focused on finding solutions for all of the components in the main navigation  for a mobile-first audience. The new website helps Edelweiss School of Music to stand out from the competition and share their passion for music and education with a larger audience.  

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