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Milestone Church faced several challenges that prompted the need for a website overhaul. Migrating all products from their Squarespace store to Shopify, to be able to manage the inventory and reporting effectively, and organizing existing processes were the main challenges that needed to be addressed.  The church's existing website also lacked good user experience with a checkout process being one of the major pain points they were looking to improve. 

On top of that, this and one more Shopify site had to be completed by the 1st week of January, 2024 which left us with less than 6 weeks to complete both projects. 


To address these challenges including a very aggressive timeline, Web Loft worked closely with the Milestone Church project team, communicating daily and hourly, brainstorming, prototyping, finding better and more effective solutions to some of the technical and scheduling challenges.  Adhering to the client's brand guidelines, we crafted custom pages and seamlessly integrated them with Shopify

Comprehensive inventory management between the Lead to Win (LTW) and Resources Shopify-based websites was established to streamline operations (this involved integration with HubSpot CRM).  The website makeover made sure visitors enjoy a smooth shopping experience with improved UX/UI.  Existing processes were reorganized to provide consistency in product descriptions and clear explanations of the reasons behind customer purchases. The integration of Shopify as the chosen platform facilitated efficient inventory management and reporting, contributing to more effective marketing.


Web Loft Designs and Milestone Church teamed up seamlessly, achieving remarkable results. The redesigned website not only tackled challenges but, more importantly, it created a better user experience leading to higher conversion rates. The improved UX/UI strengthened the sales pitch.  Customers now experience a streamlined and visually appealing website, providing a positive reflection of Milestone Church's offerings.

The project resulted in increased brand recognition, improved marketing effectiveness, and a streamlined customer journey from product discovery to checkout.

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Milestone Church Resources Ecommerce (Shopify)

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