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Skillective came to Web Loft Designs with a unique idea. There are many Instagram influencers in the world that have certain skills, and Skillective gives them a way to monetize their talents. Web Loft Designs created a learning platform using the Laravel framework that connects clients directly to these instructors with a simple to use booking process.

Instructors simply create an account, set a price and location for their lessons, and then publish time slots for clients to learn new abilities. Clients search for these lessons and book directly with an instructor to learn in person, or via online video conference. These classes can be one on one engagements or group meetings. The platform also uses a grassroots marketing approach by giving clients the ability to send invites to influencers not yet on Skillective.

We all want continuous improvement in our lives and Skillective partnered with Web Loft Designs to provide a manner for people all over the world to connect and learn from each other.

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Skillective Web Application

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