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Dovetail Resources faced the challenge of differentiating itself in a market where competitors operate similarly. The primary goal was to convey professionalism through a redesigned website, distinguishing Dovetail as a well-capitalized and legitimate company. Establishing trust, especially for sellers unfamiliar with Dovetail, was crucial.


 Web Loft Designs addressed these challenges by creating a custom WordPress theme tailored to meet the unique needs of Dovetail Resources. This theme ensures a visually appealing and user-friendly experience on both desktop and mobile devices. The intuitive navigation was strategically designed to guide visitors through effective sales funnels. A comprehensive representation of Dovetail's services and geographic presence, including a map and county listings, was incorporated to communicate the company's legitimacy.


The redesigned website now serves as a powerful tool for Dovetail Resources. The professional online presence instills confidence in potential sellers. The inclusion of a map showcases the geographic reach and lists counties of interest enhances transparency. Thoughtfully designed navigation guides visitors seamlessly, creating effective sales funnels and encouraging engagement. Implementing strategies for optimizing user experience and the customer journey enhances the likelihood of visitors taking desired actions. This, in turn, improves advertising efficiency and return on investment.

The collaboration between Dovetail Resources and Web Loft Designs has resulted in a website that not only meets the business objectives but also sets the stage for continued success in the competitive oil and gas industry. The revamped online presence positions Dovetail as a reputable and trustworthy player in the market, ready to make impactful connections with oil and gas mineral owners in the Permian Basin.

On a Personal Note

Jason Yocham

Marina, Paul and the rest of the Web Loft Design team did a great job in the design, development and launching of our new company website. They were responsive, creative and efficient throughout the entirety of the process. Look to them as a company that you can trust with your online presence. We highly recommend!

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