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Coyotes Salon Spa & Boutique faced the absence of an online presence, hindering their ability to showcase their services, reach a wider audience, and facilitate sales. They needed a website that could accommodate online purchasing, appointment scheduling, and provide essential information to potential customers.


Web Loft Designs created a comprehensive website that caters to Coyotes Salon Spa & Boutique's target audience of women aged 25-50. The website features intuitive navigation, enabling visitors to explore and purchase products from the boutique, sign up for tanning memberships, and schedule appointments for services like massage therapy and styling. Integration with Square Appointments facilitates easy appointment scheduling, while the inclusion of online forms streamlines administrative processes.


The new website provides a convenient and user-friendly experience for customers, encouraging them to make purchases and schedule appointments. By establishing an online presence, Coyotes Salon Spa & Boutique has expanded their reach and increased their potential customer base. With ongoing updates to prices and inventory, the website remains up-to-date and relevant. The partnership between Coyotes Salon Spa & Boutique and Web Loft Designs ensures continuous improvements and by leveraging their online presence and streamlined processes, Coyotes Salon Spa & Boutique is positioned for increased sales, customer satisfaction, and business success in the salon, spa, and boutique industry.

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