Micron Industries

3609 Marquis Drive
Garland, Texas 75042


Micron Industries is a high-quality metal finishing and electroplating company located in Garland, Texas. They have been around for over 50 years and are a leader in their industry. When they came to Web Loft Designs they had a very antiquated website that did not portray the level of excellence and technical aptitude that Micron Industries has. Since the company works with high-level industries such as the military, aerospace, and telecommunications, it was imperative that they had a website designed to reflect the magnitude of the skills and experience they have to offer.


Micron reached out to the Web Loft Designs team and explained the kind of website they would like to have and the kind of audience that would be most likely to visit it. Web Loft Designs readily listened to the needs of the company and began planning a strategy to create a website that would not only showcase how outstanding of a company Micron is, but also provide visitors with an enriching user experience that keeps them interested and engaged.


After a series of conversations, meetings, and planning sessions, the Web Loft Designs team was able to transform the information they had received about the business into a professional-looking, modernized website that portrays the greatness and authority of Micron Industries. The front end of the website is designed with the user in mind and is equipped with easy-to-find calls to action, a clear navigation path, interesting information, and pleasant images. The back end of the site is equipped with a powerful CMS interface for easy updates and maintenance. Micron Industries is pleased with their brand-new website and excited about the new adventures they will have as the company continues to thrive and grow.

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Micron Industries

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