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Your Go To DFW Team is a results-driven real estate market team from the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area that is powered by honesty and integrity. Tiffany and Tracy needed a website built that would compliment their business and be able to attract both out-of-state and local buyers & sellers.

Since this agency offers guidance and service to people and businesses that want to buy or invest in multi-million dollar properties they need a website that has a professional, knowledgeable look to it that invites potential clients to look deeper and ask questions.

At the time Tiffany and Tracy reached out to Web Loft Designs they had a website in place, but they didn’t use it. They knew they needed one and understood the value of having a website that allowed visitors to get a real feel about who they are and what they do.


Web Loft Designs has a team of highly skilled professionals that think beyond the boundaries of other web-based agencies so that they can deliver a solution that not only looks good but converts visitors into customers.

Marina and Paul met with Tiffany and Tracy so they could assess the challenges and goals of the company. After this assessment, the Web Loft Designs team created and launched a beautiful website that engages visitors and guides them on their journey through the site.

From the instant a visitor lands on the site they are presented with spectacular images that show the types of high-end properties that are available. In addition to the great view, the visitors are given options that invite them to move forward and get more information.


The website that Web Loft created is still brand new so there has not been much time to gather analytical data, but, the end result of the site is a total success and the Your Go To DFW Realtors team is both pleased and excited about the promising future of the company.

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