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Never Walk Alone Dating is a website platform that allows people of Christian faith to meet online, get to know each other, and date. Since there are a couple of other heavy competitors out there that already have a name for themselves, the NWAD team wanted to make it very clear that they're a company spreading the message of Jesus Christ and at the same time stand out from the competition and give people more reasons to choose them. In addition to conveying a clear message about who they are and what they do the website had to be equipped with an admin area for each user to create an account and sign up for a membership. The website had to be easy to understand, navigate, and be powerful enough to accommodate multiple users connecting from anywhere in the world.


Marina met with the owner of the company and gathered a list of all of the needs that had to be met in order to create a website that would be useful and effective for its users as well as the people who run it. After fully understanding the project's scope, Marina met with the rest of the WLD team and came up with a plan to build a powerful website that showed the essence of the brand while providing a strong and secure platform for people to log in and easily use all its features. WLD developers teamed up with designers and created a fully-functional website that allows users to create accounts, browse other users, connect via chat, and even communicate with each other via video. The front end of the site looks great and is very user-friendly, while the back end of the site allows administrators to easily update content, add information, and regulate users.


The site was launched and is in full effect. The Never Walk Alone Dating team is pleased with its overall look and functionality, and they're really excited about the future of the business.


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