Deep in the Heart Film

Austin, TX


The Deep in the Heart Film is a spectacular visual adventure that introduces the audience to the wildlife of Texas up front and in close. Not only Texans but anybody on the planet that watches the film will be impressed with the way that the movie is constructed and presented to the viewers.

The challenge with the original website for the movie is that it was built on the Wix platform which offers little to no user experience at an eCommerce level. F&F films needed a website that would not only look as spectacular as the movie but also would give the users of the site a nice, smooth experience when they browsed the content and made purchases.


Web Loft met with the Deep in the Heart Film team and listened intently to their concerns and their goals. It was evident that the best solution was to migrate the existing site to the Shopify platform while adding some functionality and engaging content.


The Web Loft team was able to create a highly functional eCommerce website that showed the brilliance of the film and provided users with a clean and convenient experience that allowed them to browse the site, watch the trailer of the movie, locate theaters where they could watch the move, and pay for tickets.

In addition to the ability to purchase tickets, the site also allowed visitors to browse merchandise and purchase it flawlessly and without much effort. The combination of the high-quality look of the site and the functionality made an impressionable impact on the F&F Films team and they are extremely pleased with the outcome.

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Deep in the Heart Film

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