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Chef Bobo's Friendly Grains needed a new ecommerce site to replace Unbounce landing pages directing users to Amazon or encouraging email sign-ups. The main challenge was to boost brand and product awareness, particularly for their signature product, Crunchy Rollers, which is primarily available at Costco. The goal was to redefine the sales funnel and create a more significant online presence.


We provided a sleek, mobile-friendly ecommerce website with clear navigation and engaging content. The new site effectively communicates Friendly Grains' expertise, provides social proof, and includes strategic CTAs.  Shopify makes it a breeze for the team to make edits as needed. As we transitioned from our old site to the new one, we also implemented technical SEO to ensure that search engines can easily crawl and index the site's content. 

In today's digital landscape, accessibility is paramount: that's why we've streamlined it with the accessiBe app to ensure compliance with ADA & WCAG.  And to enhance the customers engagement across various channels, we've harnessed the power of the Klaviyo app to encourage email sign-ups and more. 


Our solution has created a positive shift in Friendly Grains' online presence. By enhancing the customer journey on the website, incorporating engaging content, and adhering to best e-commerce practices, we've already witnessed an improvement in the client's online presence. We anticipate even more positive results in the future

Friendly Grains by Chef Bobo is on track to achieve broader market reach and establish itself as an industry leader.

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Friendly Grains by Chef Bobo

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