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1400 Preston Rd, Ste 400
Plano, TX 75093


Cima Contractors is a commercial roofing company that specializes in storm damage restoration. One of their biggest challenges is that they have multiple locations throughout three different states. They need a website that not only shows the skillset and value that they have to offer customers, but also a landing page that allows customers to schedule appointments and get jobs done wherever they are.


The Web Loft Designs team listened to the Cima Contractors team explain their needs and what they wanted to achieve with their website carefully. Once the WLD team had a complete understanding of what had to be done, they came up with a plan that would help Cima Contractors get more search engine visibility and increase their conversion rate. In addition to re-designing much of the website and adding sections to help with the customer journey, while showcasing the quality of work that they offer, the WLD team built and implemented a spectacular landing page that helps visitors see the value of a roof inspection. In addition to providing comprehensive information for their visitors, the page makes it easy and simple for users to reach out and schedule a time to get an inspection. The design of the page, the available information, and the ease of contact make the landing page a great way to earn the trust of visitors and initiate the conversion process.


Cima Contractors now has a fully-functional, great-looking website that is equipped with all of the components that ensure search engine visibility and promote high conversions. Smooth, attractive pages with clear calls to action, as well as convenient lines of communication, give the site the ability to engage visitors and guide them toward making contact and requesting service.

On a Personal Note

Daniel Suster
Vice President

Working with Web Loft Designs was a breath of fresh air. They are a true collaborative web design and development company, delivering results to back it up. From inception to launch, they guided me through the process of creating a new website from the ground up. Their designs are crisp and Rami - their marketing and SEO specialist - is a talented writer and story teller. Hire them! 

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Cima Contractors Landing Page

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