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The College Pod is a website that offers people resources and content that can help them to win grants and get funding for their education. The founder of the website, Gillian, is an admissions expert that is passionate about helping families to understand the admissions and financial aid processes.

Through educational content that spotlights solutions for the college admissions and financial aid processes, the College Pod is a valuable resource for students and families that are in the process of navigating the complex labyrinth of the college education system.

In addition to wanting to make a difference for families, Gillian intends to monetize the website through affiliate marketing tactics and Google Adsense. In the continuing phases of development, the founder plans to offer her own branded products such as online classes and books that will be available for visitors to purchase.


One of the major functions of the site is to provide comprehensive guides that show visitors beneficial information that is crucial for obtaining scholarships such as tips on writing powerful essays and requesting help from the right organizations.

When visitors browse the website they can gain access to the content by providing their email address and signing up to receive newsletters and updates. The College Pod will continue to provide members with valuable information and news that will be beneficial for students and families as they navigate their journey through the education experience.


Web Loft Designs was able to understand the vision that Gillian explained to them and turn her dream into a reality. The developer department built an amazing website that has the ability to expand and grow with the organization while providing flawless functionality and user experience.

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