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Paragon Health Partners is a group of experts that specializes in the treatment of chronic pain, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, obesity, and other health-related issues. One of the biggest challenges that they have faced is that there are ever-changing techniques and discoveries in the medical field. As medicine continues to evolve, medical professionals must strive to evolve with it.

In order to keep the website updated and equipped with fresh and innovative modern medical treatments that prove to be more effective than older treatments, they need a team of experts that can maintain the company brand while refreshing the content and information on the website for user experience and SEO.

Due to the level of competition with other high-caliber medical treatment specialists, the website had to shine a spotlight on their expertise. The site also had to highlight Paragon’s knowledge of emerging medical developments.

The website that they had at the time they contacted Web Loft Designs lacked in its ability to shine a light on the business’s brand and how the business was keeping up with the fast-paced developments of the modern medicine world.

In addition to the need for an up-to-date website, they wanted to change their existing domain to one that better suited their purpose.


The Paragon team reached out to Web Loft Designs in search of a sensible solution for their needs. Marina met with Paragon and took the time to understand what the business needed in order to stand out on the web and be viewed as experts in their field.

Once the WLD team had a clear understanding of what Paragon needed they went to work and were able to build a dynamic, beautiful website that showed customers how great the Paragon team is and why they are such a valuable asset for anybody that goes to them for help.


Web Loft Designs launched the new Paragon website using the new domain name. Once the new site was live, the WLD SEO team jumped into action and launched an aggressive campaign that is already starting to show results.

The website is fast, easy to navigate, and spotlights the essence of the Paragon brand. The results were more than the client expected, and they are very pleased with the outcome, while hopeful and excited about the powerful search engine visibility that is beginning to emerge.

On a Personal Note

Karen McNerney
Director of Operations

We worked with WebLoft to optimize and re-design our website. The entire experience was well organized and professional. We love the results and will use WebLoft for our SEO and PPC marketing. Highly recommend.

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