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Web Loft Designs took on the challenge of building an online home for Level Ground Bible, where middle-aged to older adults could easily find free, simplified Bible study resources. The real hurdle? Presenting a ton of content in a way that's super easy to use and navigate, in addition to providing a simple donation form to allow users to help support the growth of the website.


To tackle this, Web Loft Designs went for a user-friendly website design, keeping things simple for those not tech-savvy. The goal? Make a treasure trove of Bible study resources easily accessible. Forget about fancy messages or selling products; it's all about getting the good word into users' hands.


It worked. The website became the go-to spot for Level Ground Bible, hitting the mark with their members. The straightforward design and organized content made diving into Bible studies a breeze, ticking off the real challenge of delivering loads of content in an easily digestible way. Plus, with some SEO magic, the site now stands tall in the competitive online world, making Level Ground Bible a trusted and easily found resource.

On a Personal Note

Chris Mountain

The people at Web Loft Designs were very helpful in making my website dream a reality. Special thanks to Paul and Marina for all their help. I highly recommend them!

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