Central States Thermo King

10983 Granada Lane #210
Overland Park, Kansas 66211


Central States Thermo King needed help telling their brand story for several lines of business that share the same ownership and name, but have very different customer demographics.Central States Thermo King's four businesses, Thermo King/Transportation, Custom Trucks, Construction Equipment, and Horse Trailers/Ag Equipment, have different customer bases with different needs. Central States Thermo King needed a comprehensive website that is easy to access and navigate all the lines of business while still sharing the same overall branding and organizational brand message. Central States Thermo King asked Web Loft Designs to help them educate consumers on other products besides Thermo King/transportation products, because they are not as well-known corporately for their other lines of business. They needed a revamped truck and construction equipment website, and they needed it fast! 


Web Loft Designs built a dynamic, responsive, user-friendly truck and construction equipment website that meets the challenging branding requirements of Central States Thermo King, and has also added many features to improve the user experience. Customers can easily request a quote using an eCommerce workflow that utilizes the WordPress WooCommerce integration.  A dealer locator was created to quickly direct Central States Thermo King customers to the closest location, so that they can purchase, repair, and maintain their Central States Thermo King products. 


Central States Thermo King was impressed with Web Loft Designs attention to detail, ability to deliver on the committed timeline, and the ease of interaction between both teams. A 5-star Google review was a great way to show their appreciation and Central States Thermo King continues to work with Web Loft Designs to continue to optimize and improve their new website.

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