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Our Service Works (OSW) is a business service company that has been providing premier fulfillment and customer care services since 1988. They are centrally located in Dallas, Texas. OSW is fully equipped to provide companies with order fulfillment, warehouse solutions, customer care, and other services that are instrumental for the success of an eCommerce business.

One of the largest advantages that OSW has over all of its competitors is that they have been in business for over 33 years. They know how to do what they do better than any of the other companies out there that offer similar services.

Being a company that relies on technology to conduct everyday business, OSW understands the importance of keeping systems up to date and remaining within the flow of the quickly evolving technological trends.


Our Service Works decided that the website they had been using for years was due for an upgrade. Not only did the content on the site appear to be outdated, but the user experience did not have the kind of flow that OSW needed to generate high-quality leads from qualified prospects.

OSW needed a website that provided its guests with a pleasant and informative user experience. They wanted a site that was able to clearly convey the types of services that they offer in a direct but simple way. They needed the type of design and content that encouraged qualified leads to call in or fill out the online form.


Web Loft Designs met with the OSW team and was able to listen to and understand their needs. The skilled developers on the WLD team quickly went to work and began to transform the OSW vision into a fantastic reality. The new website is not only beautiful but it has a nice flow that helps to enrich the user experience and guide visitors towards finding the solutions that they are looking for. Engaging content, clear calls to action, easy contact methods, and search engine visibility are all major components that create the perfect environment for high conversion rates and unstoppable success.

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