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AMP Styles is a specialty printing company that sells customized printed materials such as memorial prints, funeral programs, thank you cards, and graduation products. One of the perks that they offer that sets them apart from other competitors is that they have the ability to process orders and produce material on very short notice.

In addition to full-bleed printing and copying services, the AMP Styles website offers visitors a large selection of customizable templates that can create beautiful, elegant prints that have no need for a third-party designer. The templates are available for use right on the website without the need for any downloads.

The biggest challenge that AMP Styles has is that they need more people to know about their services and what they have to offer. Without a well-built website and a plan for gaining visibility in the search engines the AMP Styles team knew they would not be able to reach a very large audience.


Tony, from AMP Styles, reached out to Web Loft Designs and started a conversation with Marina about how to establish a great website that was fast, functional, could host templates, and be able to reach an audience anywhere and everywhere in the United States.

After Marina met with Tony and had a clear understanding of the task, the goals of the company and the particular needs of the website she brought the details to the WLD team and they went to work.

Of course, the Web Loft Designs team had so much experience in the art of eCommerce websites they knew exactly how to help the AMP Styles team accomplish their goals without having to worry about the performance of the website.


Web Loft Designs went right to work gathering the content and the details of the site so that they could create a powerful eCommerce-based site that had the capacity to serve many requests from high-volume users.

In addition to the development of the site, WLD reached out to their SEO department so they could initiate a plan to properly construct the backend of the site in a way that would appeal to the major search engines.


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