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Web Loft Designs was tasked with creating a dynamic website for the Anusim Crypto Jewish Association (ACJA) to address the challenge of connecting individuals worldwide who are questioning their heritage and faith. The primary challenge was to provide a platform where these individuals could find answers, educational materials, and connect with others who have gone through a similar journey.


To overcome this challenge, Web Loft Designs developed a user-friendly website that serves as a valuable tool for ACJA. The website offers information about the association, educational materials on the history of the Spanish Inquisition, and its impact on forcibly converted Jewish families. It provides a connection to other Anusim individuals who can offer guidance and support. Additionally, the website features a shop with branded merchandise and offers online streaming classes for members.


The collaboration between Web Loft Designs and ACJA resulted in a successful website that addresses the needs of individuals questioning their ancestry. The website serves as a hub for information, allowing visitors to find answers and connect with others who have shared similar experiences. The educational materials and resources provided empower individuals to explore their heritage further. The online shop and streaming classes enhance the association's brand and provide additional avenues for engagement. ACJA now has a centralized platform to reach and support its target audience.

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