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YOUnion is a technology company that provides businesses with a powerful app that helps them to connect with customers, sell merchandise, and collect payments. They needed a website that could promote their sophisticated technology in a way that is simple and understandable for the average person.

Since the company's management team is very tech-savvy and prefers to make updates on their own, we had to develop a custom website that not only looked great on the frontend but was smooth and very flexible on the backend as well.

When YOUnion reached out to Web Loft Designs they had an existing website, but it was not effective and needed a lot of work. It had been built out of a template and lacked the depth and functionality that is necessary for a business of such a high caliber.


Web Loft Designs replaced the entire site and built a brand new, customized structure that included unique pages with content that was specific to the message of each page. In addition to customized design, every page was equipped with appropriate, and effective CTAs.

As for the administration of the website, Web Loft Designs created a specialized control panel which provides flexibility and control for the admins that manage content, create new pages, design marketing campaigns, generate reports, and much more. 

Since the main goal of YOUnion is to promote their technology and convert web visitors into paying customers, Web Loft Designs initiated a conversion rate optimization (CRO) campaign that is designed to use data and web visitor behavior to optimize each page for maximum conversion rates.


In order to optimize conversion rates and keep track of website visitor behaviors, Web Loft Designs equipped the site with data analytics and tagging capabilities in the Google Dashboard. With analytics installed, YOUnion can track every user that visits the site to see how they behave when they are there. The pages users visit, the actions they take, how long they stay on pages, and other data that will help to improve user experience and raise conversions are all available to the admins of the site.

In addition to being able to track visitors, analytics can help to keep track of and monitor affiliates and other partners that promote sales or generate leads.

Web Loft Designs was able to transform an inefficient, templated, ineffective website into a powerful eCommerce machine that attracts visitors and encourages them to join the YOUnion.

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