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7124 Gelndora Ave
Dallas, TX 75230


Say hola to Ohla! Foods: Meet the Dallas mompreneur who launched a health-based brand during COVID. Besides the obvious challenge of starting a business while the entire country was on lockdown, Laruen Schwalb needed a website that could clearly demonstrate the value of her healthy products while telling the company’s story and why they started the business.

“With the rising demand for healthy alternatives to household staples and lack of products that satisfy, North Texas entrepreneur, Lauren Schwalb, created Ohla! Foods to focus on nutrition without sacrificing flavor.”

When it comes to products such as almond flour tortillas, gluten-free and grain-free snacks it is important to make sure that the right people find the site and are eager to try some amazing, wholesome food.


The Web Loft Designs team has a remarkable way of building websites that hone in on the essence of the company and produce a great-looking website that not only attracts attention but engages visitors. WLD met with Lauren and started creating her masterpiece right away.

After meeting with the owner and listenenig to her needs the team clearly understood what she needed and where she wanted to go.


Web Loft Designs was able to create a highly-functional website that not only tells the story of Ohla! Foods, but boasts a powerul eCommerce solution that allows users to shop, buy, and pay for goods flawlessly and stress-free.

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Ohla! Foods Ecommerce

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