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Follow My Fitness is a PaaS company, also known as, Platform as a Service that allows fitness influencers and personal trainers to monetize their workouts, meal plans, and fitness tips on a subscription basis. Trainers can customize their profiles, set their own subscription prices, and directly message their trainees.

Due to the complex nature of their app needs, Follow My Fitness needed an agency that had the experience and expertise to map out, design, and implement a structurally sound platform that provided a pleasant user experience and a powerful admin capability. Although Zac, the founder of Follow My Fitness, had problems with previous developers being able to accomplish the task, Web Loft Designs was able to build a robust website with impressive features that superseded expectations.


The website that Web Loft Designs created allows both admins and users to log in and share information. The trainers have their own admin page that they can upload and provide content for their users, track their earnings, etc. while users have their own area that allows them to browse available trainers and sign up for their content. In addition to the robust admin capabilities, Web Loft Designs integrated the app with 2 payment gateways as well as implemented an automated subscription service.


Web Loft Designs walked alongside Follow My Fitness throughout the entire process. With great attention to detail and excellent follow-through practices, the end result of the project is a beautifully designed website that is capable of addressing the needs of the company, the trainers, and the users all in one application.

On a Personal Note

Zac Baker

No matter when I tried to communicate with Web Loft, they responded and took the first step of completing the task very, very quickly. They also recommend different ways of building out features, so you can save some money on development hours. This was very transparent.

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