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5830 Granite Pkwy #100-220
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Avant Search, as a fast-growing company, faced several challenges with their old website which failed to effectively communicate the Avant Search brand resulting in missed opportunities to engage visitors and convey the company's unique value proposition. 

The lack of high-quality content on the website hindered Avant Search's ability to showcase their expertise.  The company was surpassing competitors in many ways, but their old website failed to effectively communicate this.

As a result, the user experience fell short in converting visitors into leads or customers.


We put forward a strategy that consists of a thorough renovation of the WordPress website, a crisp, attractive design, effective content, the incorporation of social proof, and a technical SEO implementation.


The result was an upgraded brand communication, maintained search engine visibility, and easy content management. In the end, Avant Search achieved a visually attractive, user-friendly website that aptly communicates their brand, enhances conversions, and solidifies their reputation as a trusted industry leader.

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Avant Search Executive Placement

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