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Tejas faced challenges with their existing website, which needed to serve as a validation and sales channel for their flexible packaging products. They wanted to convey trust, speed, and cost-effectiveness to their target audience of brand owners, manufacturers, and co-packers. Switching from other vendors and technical nuances like printing costs and logistics presented additional obstacles. The website needed to address these challenges and effectively guide visitors through the sales funnel.


Web Loft Designs successfully addressed these challenges by creating a clean, engaging, and mobile-friendly website for Tejas. The new website showcased their trendy packaging products, aligning with design-first principles. Taking inspiration from sites like Tesla, Samsung, Boka, and DailyGem, the design aimed to capture user interest and convey Tejas' commitment to high-quality packaging. The website provided a comprehensive product catalog, allowing visitors to view products and request more information. Forms and online chat options streamlined communication, increasing conversions and customer engagement.


The clean and engaging design, along with improved user experience, has increased customer satisfaction and conversions. The website effectively showcases Tejas' trendy packaging products and conveys their commitment to quality and trust. With a mobile-friendly design and intuitive navigation, the website has enhanced user engagement and strengthened Tejas' online presence.

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