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Web Loft Designs faced fundamental challenges when tasked with creating The Learning Experience (TLE) website. TLE needed to enhance conversion rates, especially for potential clients and job seekers, and communicate its unique identity as more than a daycare. Staffing issues, a major driver of parent dissatisfaction and new client recruitment, were also a concern. Additionally, the website had to engage parents who frequently shopped for daycare options and made last-minute decisions.


In response, Web Loft Designs streamlined user journeys, redesigned the website for better conversion rates, and encouraged form submissions. Engaging content and visuals effectively communicated TLE's mission and values, emphasizing its identity as a growth-focused preschool. Dedicated sections for job seekers highlighted teaching and childcare opportunities and career benefits. TLE's unique selling points were prominently featured to capture the attention of parents actively seeking childcare options.


The results were remarkable. Conversion rates and form submissions significantly improved, driving higher engagement. The website effectively conveyed TLE's mission and identity, creating a stronger emotional connection with visitors. Staffing challenges were mitigated, as the website attracted more qualified job applicants, addressing both internal and external staffing needs. Ultimately, the website effectively communicated TLE's unique selling points, leading to more inquiries from parents actively seeking childcare options and contributing to the overall growth of the business.

On a Personal Note

Sharla Sookdeo
Associate VP, Marketing

Our marketing teams enjoy working with Web Loft Designs, they keep our projects moving along quickly, provide us sound advice on how we should proceed with our website issues both design-wise and technology wise, and make themselves instantly available when we run into a problem requiring immediate attention. We appreciate their flexible and responsive nature, and their willingness to work with our timelines and special requests.

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