8.25 Fuego

Frisco, TX


8.25 Fuego is a golf apparel and accessories eCommerce store that provides high-quality clothing and other merchandise for golfers. In addition to being a source of great golfing apparel, 8.25% of all of the sales that the store makes goes to charity to help others.

This company has a great mission and an amazing selection of quality merchandise. They want to compete with higher-level clothing lines but know that they have to step up their game in order to do so. By contacting Web Loft Designs they took the first step towards making all of their goals reachable.

When 8.25 Fuego came to Web Loft Designs they had a website in place, but it was unattractive and not easy to navigate. There were broken links, functionality issues, the checkout was not working, and it was an all-around mess.

In order for an eCommerce site to be successful, it has to be developed in a way that is geared for success.

Web Loft redesigned the new 8.25 Fuego website from scratch. We were able to re-define the site map, create a slick new design that is able to captivate visitors and engage them.

In addition to the vibrant design, we assigned our own professional photographer to take clear pictures of all of the 8.25 Fuego products. Where their old website failed to produce a trustworthy, professional look, we were able to develop a fully-integrated eCommerce website that can handle large amounts of traffic and deliver a print-on-demand solution.

Since 8.25 Fuego is a brand new client we have not had time to fully evaluate their success, however, we have optimized their pages for search engine visibility and are currently keeping an eye on their progress as we advance in our efforts to maximize conversion rates.

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