Paragon Health Partners

Karen McNerney

Director of Operations


2895 Lewis Ln
Paris, TX 75460

Paragon Health Partners has been in business since 2012. This dedicated team of compassionate professionals shares a passion for providing life-changing solutions to the people that need them the most. They provide solutions for weight loss, chronic pain management, substance abuse disorder, and other health-related issues. 


Paragon Health Partners is a team of professionals that own a practice that specializes in the practice of physical medicine and rehabilitation. The facility provides the treatment of chronic pain, obesity, drug & alcohol addiction, and other various health-related issues. They opened their doors in Paris, Texas in 2012.

Some of the biggest challenges PHP faced as a company is being able to stand out as a group of qualified professionals in their field. They needed to be able to present themselves as a dynamic medical professional establishment that provides quality care while staying fresh with the latest medical breakthroughs and technological advances.

Web Loft Design Solution

Web Loft Designs met with Paragon Health Partners and established a plan to not only build a new modern-looking website but also revamp the company’s online presence in a way that depicts PHP as an authority in the field.

In addition to the powerful online presence, Web Loft Designs implemented a digital marketing campaign that includes both PPC and SEO that caused traffic to the site and conversions into patients to skyrocket.

The Results

Between the time of November 1st, 2022, and December 19th, 2022 the overall visibility and performance of the website improved immensely. Please see the report from Google Analytics.


increase in conversions


increase in traffic


increase in new visitors to the website

What Paragon Health Partners Had to Say

Karen McNerney Director of Operations

“We worked with WebLoft to optimize and re-design our website. The entire experience was well-organized and professional. We love the results and will use WebLoft for our SEO and PPC marketing. Highly recommend them.”

Increase in traffic

173% increase over 45 days

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Customer engagement on the site

625% increase in contact form submissions

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