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Chad Coleman

Director, Marketing and Client Engagement

Occupational Health Services

Overland Park, Kansas

Examinetics, with a legacy of over 50 years in the field, stands as a trusted provider of occupational health testing and medical exams, serving more than 3,000 clients across 15,000 facilities nationwide. They approached us with a request to enhance the user experience on their most frequented page Together, we've been collaborating to elevate their organic traffic and lead generation efforts. The challenge involved revitalizing an existing page with a fresh, custom design, guided by data-driven insights to optimize conversion rates. Despite introducing an entirely new design, our primary goal was to ensure a smooth transition while significantly enhancing conversion rates.


Landing pages are the essence of a brand’s first contact with its target audience. So, Examinetics approached us to redesign their Hearing Testing landing page’s experience to drive more organic traffic and generate more leads.

We were asked to create an entirely new design to turn visitors into conversions and make their most popular landing page an even bigger standout for their brand.

With an established occupational health and medical testing brand boasting 3,000 clients across 15,000 nationwide facilities, we knew we already had a platform to build on.

After analyzing their previous landing page using customer heatmaps, we decided to ramp up how Examinetics engaged its customers at this crucial juncture. We also realized we had to balance keeping what worked while pinpointing elements that needed improvement.

Web Loft Design Solution

To achieve our goal of boosting conversions, we needed to create a design to hook and engage immediately. Our team started by focusing on the three existing calls to action, making them more prominent to enhance Examinetics’ already impressive results.

We quickly learned that this meant testing different web design solutions and iterating to find the highest-converting design. In this our heatmap reports tracking user behavior told us exactly which direction to take.

It took several iterations before landing on the mix that preserved elements already providing results and enhancing those that needed work.

The Results

Since going live with just the new Hearing Testing and Home pages, Examinetics has seen a 249% increase in traffic and a 129% increase in events from their new landing page. Moreover, this has led to a 146% explosion in the number of people filling out the “Request a Quote” form.

This has amplified Examinetics’ lead-generation efforts and resulted in more brand conversions. Additionally, we’re continuing to track and measure the outcomes from this landing page, with the results already surpassing initial expectations.

We are still running an active SEO campaign for this client and look forward to measuring these results throughout the year!


surge in traffic


increase in events


increase in form submissions

Chad Coleman

Director, Marketing and Client Engagement

We won’t use any other SEO agency, many have tried to take our business away from them but we have become the industry leader for our search terms and will continue to work with them until I retire or the business sells.

More visitors to website means more conversions

146% increase in the number of completed forms

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