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Morphis is a leading global supplier of currency supply chain solutions. The company has a robust portfolio of cash management software products that are used today by central banks, depository institutions, armored carriers, card issuers, ATM/POS ISOs, transaction processors, and BPO shops worldwide.


Morphis Inc., a global business that provides currency supply chain solutions, came to us in February 2022 for a website redesign. To best serve their customers, they required a product capable of managing multiple users across diverse platforms while providing top-notch security. Their website had to convey a clear company identity and represent the full value of their offer. However, it lacked an engaging user experience and an effective customer journey needed to maximize their conversion potential.

Web Loft Design Solution

The strategy Web Loft suggested was to write custom content that streamlined the customer experience and allowed for a smooth, informative path from the landing pages to the calls to action. Web Loft implemented a two-step journey that included a live chat feature that provided easy access to a sales representative. Once the site was redesigned, the SEO team also devised a digital marketing strategy that consisted of SEO and Google Ads.

The Results

Based on the data from Google analytics, the new digital strategy implemented by Web Loft resulted in a significant increase in conversions right after the launch of the updated site. The results were truly impressive.


increase in form submissions


increase in events


increase in traffic

Google Ads

87% increase in form submissions

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