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Susan Smith-Shannon



Health and Beauty

Plano, Texas

On Plan is a health and wellness subscription-based blog that started in 2021. This truly inspiring blog follows the 130-pound weight loss journey of a dedicated woman in Plano, Texas. In addition to the amazing success story, the website also offers inspirational support, promotional giveaways, and useful nutritional calculators.


On Plan’s biggest challenge was that they knew exactly what they wanted, but had no idea of how they were going to make it happen. Shortly after On Plan contacted Web Loft Designs they were able to have several successful meetings where the WLD team shared their knowledge, demonstrated comparable websites, and listened. Because of WLD’s expertise and ability to truly understand On Plan’s needs, the client was able to get a clear vision of what they wanted the final product to be.

Web Loft Design Solution

At first, On Plan provided a very vague description of what they wanted. Web Loft Designs was able to understand what needed to be done and transform the client’s vision into a reality. In addition to the clear vision of On Plan’s needs, WLD also created a downloadable app for them that was ready to go within the first phase of the launch.

The Results

“The end result of our endeavor was absolutely fantastic. The website was far beyond our expectations and looks much more professional than we could have imagined. We were able to flawlessly launch our website and app without any problems, everything works great! WLD was able to get everything finished within our deadline/schedule which was very important to us.”

What On Plan Had to Say

Susan President

“...the biggest reason I would recommend Web Loft Designs is that they very quickly became members of our team and became vested in the creation of our website.”