Cima Contractors

Daniel Suster

Director of Marketing


1400 Preston Rd, Ste 400
Plano, TX 75093

Cima Contracts is a full-service commercial roofing company that specializes in storm damage restoration for commercial roofing projects. The company has several locations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. They have been in business since 2010 and still strive to deliver high-quality work with pride.


Before Cima Contractors came to Web Loft Designs they had a website with very little content and a complete lack of web presence. Without an attractive website and zero internet exposure, there was not much of a chance for the company to generate any leads from people searching for their services online.

Web Loft Design Solution

Web Loft Designs was able to meet with Cima Contractors and comprise a plan to redesign the entire website. After a total rebuild of the site WLD was able to provide content that not only focused on Cima Contractor’s best practices but also explained their capabilities and showed their success to potential customers. WLD also provided search engine optimization so that Cima Contractors could grow their online presence and be visible in the search engines on both desktop and mobile devices.

The Results

Now Cima Contractors is able to leverage their website. They also have the ability to print content to give to potential customers. The whole process has given Cima Contractors the tools that they need in order to build better business connections, share service offers, and give examples of successful projects. Every bit of feedback from the customers so far has been very positive. Their website is beautiful, and it generates leads.

What Cima Contractors Had to Say

Daniel VP

Cima Contractors was very pleased with the whole development experience from start to finish. They said that the biggest reason why they would recommend Web Loft Designs to other businesses is that they will “...grow your brand online…”