Seed Phytonutrients

Karika Purohit Patel

Director of Marketing

Health and Beauty

11816 Inwood Rd, PMB 5014
Dallas, TX 75244

Seed Phytonutrients, headquartered in Dallas, TX, is a family-run, mission-driven clean beauty brand that sells high-performing and highly natural hair care, skincare, and body care products. They believe that it is their responsibility to lead the way and promote environmental sustainability for the beauty industry as a whole while also providing highly efficacious and clean beauty products.


The brand was acquired from a large beauty conglomerate, and as a result of new management, they were up against a very tight deadline to rebuild and relaunch the brand's eCommerce site. The old website was going to have a hard shut-off date by the previous owner and that would mean a loss of sales and a terrible user experience for the loyal, and growing, customer base. The previous platform was also very rigid and didn't allow for easy content updates.

Web Loft Design Solution

Web Loft worked with the Seed team to get a thorough understanding of its needs, which was a combination of mirroring the old site and applying new elements or functionality that would enhance usability and aesthetics.

The project was done with detailed working sessions, the use of robust project management tools, and an efficient, yet diligent, approvals process to ensure everybody was on the same page despite moving very quickly. The Seed team really appreciated Web Loft's hustle and willingness to take on the challenge with tight deadlines and specific needs. WLD is a very knowledgeable team that works hard to meet client expectations.

The Results

“Although a bit delayed from the original deadline date, Web Loft was able to get the website built and launched in a very short turnaround time. The team was articulate on where we needed to cut corners temporarily to achieve a minimum viable product so we would avoid the site being down entirely, and this was achieved. We have worked together upon initial launch to fill in any gaps and further meet our intended expectations. The site is functioning very well and we are very happy with the overall look and functionality! The site is far more nimble and flexible than the previous website, which allows our team to autonomously manage content updates. Web Loft continues to be a partner for us as we explore new functionality needs and site upgrades as our business grows!”

What Seed Had to Say

Karika VP

“Web Loft is a smart, scrappy and go-getter team that is determined to get the job done and meet client expectations. We’re happy to have Web Loft as a partner and look forward to continuing doing business with them as our business and needs expand!”