Follow My Fitness

Zac Baker

Founder and CEO

Health and Beauty

Austin, Texas

Follow My Fitness is a PaaS company, also known as Platform as a Service, that allows fitness influencers and personal trainers to monetize their workouts, meal plans, and fitness tips on a subscription basis. Trainers can customize their profiles and directly message their trainees. The trainers and trainees can be from anywhere in the world and are able to connect at any time.


Before Web Loft Designs came into the picture Zac, the CEO of Follow My Fitness, encountered another company that practiced shady work, failed to meet deadlines, and never produced anything of value. Follow My Fitness needed a dependable web development agency to have the degree of skills it takes to create a complex system, but make it easy for people to use.

Web Loft Design Solution

Since the previous developers didn't complete the project, Follow My Fitness was struggling to make up the time that they had lost. Web Loft Designs scooped the project up and provided a game plan, deadline, and quote to finish my project.

Zac really enjoyed working with Web Loft Designs and was amazed at how quickly they responded to all questions and concerns. WLD also takes the time to fully understand the client’s business model so they can recommend customized features for the website along the way.

The Results

Web Loft Designs was able to create a brand new website from scratch and develop it exactly the way that Zac had envisioned it, and more! WLD took an incomplete mess and transformed it into a beautiful website that not only looks great but performs like a champion.

What Follow My Fitness Had to Say

Zac Founder and CEO

“I recommend Web Loft Designs for web development due to their attention to detail, responsiveness, and willingness to sacrifice their free time to meet deadlines.”