Relevant Insights

Michaela Mora

Founder and CEO

Advertising and Marketing

PO Box 2164,
Euless, TX 76039 USA

Relevant Insights, LLC is a full-service Dallas/Fort Worth-based market research and user experience (UX) research agency that conducts qualitative and quantitative research to help product teams, corporate marketers, marketing and advertising agencies, non-profits organizations achieved desired business outcomes related to new product development, branding, and positioning and customer acquisition and retention in the general market and diverse segments (Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, Multiracial).


Relevant Insights came to Web Loft Designs to find a design solution that would highlight their subject matter expertise in market research and user experience research (UX) and also be a good example of a great user experience solution for current and potential clients.

Web Loft Design Solution

Webloft Designs has redesigned Relevant Insights' website on two occasions over the span of 10 years to make it compatible with new design and technological trends as they changed over time. Given Relevant Insights’ focus on improving the user experience for its own clients, the Webloft Designs team created a new design to facilitate high-quality content density and included intuitive navigation and appealing graphic elements to draw attention to the benefits of Relevant Insights’ services.

The Results

In the last website redesign, the website was optimized to be faster and more responsive than before. It also provided more flexibility for content publication including recent and popular videos and articles produced by the Relevant Insights team.

What Relevant Insights Had to Say

Michaela Founder

“The WebLoft Design team is consistently open and flexible to receive feedback based on the research-based UX design principles used by Relevant Insights when advising its own clients.”