Pay Per Click Advertising

Get an unfair advantage over the competition utilizing Pay Per Click Advertising

Start attracting leads today to your business to increase sales!

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Why utilize PPC advertising in your business?

While SEO is a powerful tool to drive sales to your business organically, it can take time before it yields results. With PPC, you can start seeing results in your business immediately as you can be found at the top of page 1 for the exact terms you want to be found for.

When combined with SEO, you increase the overall results of your digital marketing campaigns, as you will have multiple positions on page one which means your competition has that many less to compete against you!

Our Process

  1. Business Process Evaluation

    Before creating any campaigns, we evaluate the sales process to determine how to best incorporate PPC advertising to drive sales, as it is important to use the right type of campaign to create sales for your business.
  2. Keyword Identification

    Keywords utilized in PPC campaigns must be “Buyer Terms”. These are keywords prospects utilize when they are further along in the buying process. This is different than informational keywords which people utilize when they are researching a solution. After all, you want buyers to contact you, not necessarily info seekers!
  3. Landing Page Creation

    What makes us different than other companies is we create a landing page that maintains your brand identity to drive traffic to. By utilizing a landing page vs sending prospects to the home page of your website, you will dramatically increase the conversion rate of ads.
  4. Ad Copy Creation

    We create ads that will represent your business and compel individuals utilizing search to choose your ad over the competition. We use words as our canvas to paint a picture of your business on search.
  5. Budgeting

    We determine the right amount of budget to be competitive against the competition to drive traffic to your business and ultimately sales.
  6. Campaign Management & Reporting

    We oversee the management of your campaigns and provide you monthly reports along with recommendations to help improve the performance of your digital marketing campaigns.

Why Web Loft Designs For Your Pay Per Click Advertising Needs?

You’ve worked hard getting your business to this point, let us work hard to get your business found by the prospects searching for you.

Here at Web Loft Designs PPC advertising is incorporated into a larger digital marketing strategy to grow your business online. While most agencies only focus on one aspect, we look to incorporate it into something bigger that helps you and your business.

When PPC is combined with other areas of digital marketing, the overall success of your online campaigns increases, as they work in unison with each other instead of against one another.


I have had an absolutely stellar experience working with Marina and the team at Web Loft Designs. Their overhaul and redesign of our site provided us with a trustworthy, professional web presence. All members of their team are courteous, punctual, and are willing to go to great lengths to make sure their customers are satisfied.
Things are going very well with the new site and we seem to be receiving much higher quality traffic since we’ve made the switch.

Casey Lefer, President

One of the things I appreciate most about Web Loft is how thorough they are.  They put themselves in their client’s shoes and think like business owners.  They not only take care of in-scope tasks, but they look for other ways to improve the site on both the front and back ends.

Eight months later, I still discover cool functions on my site that I never asked for but surely appreciate Web Loft Designs implementing.

Dustin Meyers, Founder

Web Loft Designs is the only website design and development company I trust with my business.  Within a few months of launch, my site was recognized as one of the “Best Hotel Websites” by two leading travel review sites and continues to be recognized today.

Martin E., President

I wanted to take a moment to say that the last round of updates and optimizations are driving legit action.  Your efforts in conjunction with our other activities have increased leads by 19% this quarter alone.

All that to be said, thank you.

Ryan Miller, VP of Marketing at Flash Global