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We are a website design company serving the Dallas, Texas metroplex, Boise, Idaho, and beyond.

Our projects communicate our clients' message through custom website design and development. Choose Web Loft Designs as your web development company for a quality website and results. Request a proposal for your new project today!


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  • eMONEco

  • Bloomington Normal Birthing Center

    Bloomington Normal Birthing Center
  • Erketin

  • Mobile Mone

    Mobile Mone
  • Seamore Relocating

    Seamore Relocating
  • Central States Thermo King

    Central States Thermo King
  • Mysteria Cosmetics Store

    Mysteria Cosmetics Store
  • Birth & Women Center

    Birth & Women Center
  • eMONECo

  • Fractional Partners

    Fractional Partners
  • Lindall Leather Works

    Lindall Leather Works
  • Microclinic International

    Microclinic International
  • Bright Girl Media

    Bright Girl Media
  • Meyer Energy Services

    Meyer Energy Services
  • White Owl Messaging

    White Owl Messaging
  • AMP Styles

    AMP Styles
  • Central Florida Choppers

    Central Florida Choppers
  • GBRI

  • Deep Fork Tree Farm

    Deep Fork Tree Farm
  • UndiFlex Store

    UndiFlex Store
  • BirthWise Birth Center

    BirthWise Birth Center
  • Her Dream Diamond

    Her Dream Diamond
  • Buy Back Bandit store

    Buy Back Bandit store
  • Alliance Datacom

    Alliance Datacom
  • Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery

    Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery
  • 9th Company

    9th Company
  • Tarrant County 9-1-1

    Tarrant County 9-1-1

Our team designs and develops
custom website solutions.


Web Loft Designs is a custom website design agency serving clients locally in Plano, TX, Dallas Metroplex, Boise, ID and around the globe. Where many internet technology companies come to you as generalists, our team is comprised of specialists in business development strategy, project managers, graphic designers, and developers. We're here to provide solutions for your complex business challenges.

Let's collaborate to understand the results you expect, and determine the best solutions and tools for building your brand online. A custom website design provides the landscape your company needs to communicate your purpose, brand, and reputation. 

The Web Loft Designs team approaches every project with the common goal of bringing you results. Our development team will design & program your website to become a powerful tool that helps achieve your business goals.

Your options are limitless! 

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