We Use Analytics to Optimize Your Website For Conversions

Generate higher conversion rates by allowing us to use analytics and research to maximize your website’s potential. We use strategic optimization practices that generate astounding results.

Maximize Revenue
From Your Website

Are you getting the absolute best that you can out of your website? If not, you are selling yourself short. We can use the information that your site provides as a way to improve the way that visitors make choices when they are on your pages.

Customer Journey Focus

Organic Search + Email Optimization = Increase in Sales

We analyze your data and use it to improve conversion rates

Conversion rates are what matter most because they are what is going to make the business successful. The goal is to convert browsing visitors into paying customers. We generate conversions by optimizing the overall conversion rate of the site.

With proper analytics and strategic optimization tactics, your website can be fine-tuned and shaped into a powerful platform that gets results and converts visitors into customers.

Maximize Revenue From Your Website

Customer Journey Focus

Organic Search + Email Optimization = Increase in Sales


Search Engine Optimization

Your website will not convert if it is not visible on the web. Proper search engine optimization provides high-ranking search engine visibility, which in turn, creates the perfect environment for high conversion rates.

Well-developed pages with high-quality content will achieve higher search rankings for your target audience.

Effective SEO calls for keyphrase research and refinement. We have a thorough, aggressive technique that can be customized to fit your needs and connect you to the people that are looking for what you are selling.

  • Keyword research — we research and refine the best keywords and keyphrases for the success of your website. Every landing page that we implement will be for maximum effect.
  • Cornerstone content — we use vital keywords and phrases to help you create influential cornerstone content that shows you as the expert, and helps to boost search engine visibility.
  • Technical SEO — the structure of your website has to be pristine in order to compete in the search engines. Our highly-skilled developers make sure that the technical side of your SEO is impeccable.

Conversion Rate Optimization

While SEO directs traffic to your site, the way visitors experience the site will determine the way that they behave while they are there. Strategic design for the ultimate user experience will inspire visitors to take action.

Conversion rate optimization is a process that uses web traffic data to pinpoint where there is a need for improvement and where things are working.

Our team of experts read data and restructure the layout of pages and content in a way that optimizes each and every page of the website to get the most out of every visit.

  • Strategic A/B tests are a great way to determine what your visitors like and don’t like while on your site. We compare the best against the best to achieve the highest results.
  • Call to action placement is key to getting the attention of visitors and guiding them towards an action that leads to a conversion.
  • Performance measurement gives a clear map of where visitors are engaged on your site, where they are not, and where improvements should be made.

Publishing the website, collecting data, analyzing that data, then implementing changes where they are needed in order to develop the website into an intricately structured work of art are all parts of the process that lead to epic returns and high conversion rates.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

While SEO directs traffic to your site, the way visitors experience the site will determine the way that they behave while they are there. Strategic design for the ultimate user experience will inspire visitors to take action.

Website Conversion Funnel:

from initial visit to becoming a customer

Conversion Rate Optimization

Effective CRO calls for quantitative and qualitative data

01. Quantitative CRO

Is when we sift through analytical data such as the number of visitors that visit the website, the pages that they visit while they are there, the times and dates of the visits along with any calls to action that they completed.

Data analyzing platforms such as Google Analytics provide raw data that gives us an idea of the way people find the site, and the direction of flow that they demonstrate while they navigate the pages.

02. Qualitative CRO

Focuses on the unique characteristics of the people that visit your website. Besides the number of people that visit your site, and where they come from, the reasons why visitors engage with your content - or don’t engage - matter. Creating an engaging user experience is much easier when you know who your users are, and what they want.

Our team uses advanced strategies that help you understand your visitors so that you can better serve them. CRO is not a one size fits all practice. The best way to get the most out of every visit to your site is to be aware of the needs of those visitors.

We Use What Works Best for YOU

What works best for one business is not always what is best for another. There is no universal one size fits all strategy. Getting and analyzing critical data is a common practice, however, the way we use that data is an altogether different spectrum.

We use YOUR data to better optimize YOUR site for YOUR visitors.

Instead of trying to guess what your visitors want, and how they will act, we will use the facts that we discover to understand their needs and implement our findings into the fabric of your site.

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What are the Results of Website Optimization?

We use the data that we discover from analyzing your site to re-direct the flow of the visitor journey on the site. What we find is that:

  • Your search results are ranked higher giving you stronger visibility
  • More qualified leads click on your search results
  • Your visitors are more in line with your target market
  • Optimized calls to action generate higher conversion rates
  • The overall success of the site climbs above expectations

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Ongoing Support
and Optimization

Successful websites are not a typical one-and-done solution. Technology changes, trends change, products change, and people’s tastes change.

We build relationships with our clients that grow and continue to cultivate success. As trends come and go, the needs of a website shift with the times. We stay on top of the shifts and remain focused on the ultimate goals of the business.

Ongoing Support and Optimization

What we do:

  • Stay in line with the ever-changing dynamics of search engine algorithms
  • Keep up with the latest technology trends
  • Remain informed about business trends and shifts
  • Roll and flow with the changes

We provide ongoing simple solutions for some of the most complex issues that most businesses face.

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Ongoing Support and Optimization

Everything You Need In One Place

All of the components that lead to a successful website are
available to our clients at any time.

and design

Web hosting






An ongoing relationship with Web Loft Designs ensures a simple, hassle-free web development solution. You communicate with us directly and let us handle all of the technical work.

We deliver a complete analytical breakdown for the activity on your site including how much traffic you are getting and how well your conversions are doing.

Our team will show you the facts. Most of our clients watch in awe as their stats rise and continue to rise.

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Our Process

Process steps



We research your business’ unique needs and existing processes to determine what efficiencies can be gained through integration and process streamlining.



We create a strategy that will best integrate the various systems in your business to maximize results while reducing the output of resources.



We develop solutions to integrate the various systems in your business to include but not limited to CRMs, ERPs, Websites, POS, Mobile Applications, Marketing Automation, etc



Before launching the new integrated system, we thoroughly test the applications and systems to ensure that they are working as designed.



We systematically deploy the newly integrated system to reduce impact and maximize implementation within your business.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I have had an absolutely stellar experience working with Marina and the team at Web Loft Designs. Their overhaul and redesign of our site provided us with a trustworthy, professional web presence. All members of their team are courteous, punctual, and are willing to go to great lengths to make sure their customers are satisfied. Things are going very well with the new site and we seem to be receiving much higher quality traffic since we’ve made the switch.

Casey Lefer


The technology we asked them to build was complex.  As a business owner, I cannot stress enough how much I appreciated working with an outside vendor that actually does what they say they will do.  They are people of integrity.  I have consistently worked for more than twenty years with in-house and outsourced development teams, I can honestly say that my experience with Web Loft was the best overall experience I ever had while engaging a third-party development group.

Dan Roberts


Web Loft Designs is the only website design and development company I trust with my business.  Within a few months of launch, my site was recognized as one of the “Best Hotel Websites” by two leading travel review sites and continues to be recognized today.

Martin E.


One of the things I appreciate most about Web Loft is how thorough they are.  They put themselves in their client’s shoes and think like business owners.  They not only take care of in-scope tasks, but they look for other ways to improve the site on both the front and back ends. Eight months later, I still discover cool functions on my site that I never asked for but surely appreciate Web Loft Designs implementing.

Dustin Meyers


I wanted to take a moment to say that the last round of updates and optimizations are driving legit action.  Your efforts in conjunction with our other activities have increased leads by 19% this quarter alone. All that to be said, thank you.

Ryan Miller

VP of Marketing at Flash Global

The Web Loft team created the results I was looking for. They provided the insights and consulting service we needed to launch our new business and website. It looks great and served our purposes. Most importantly, you can be assured they will “stick with you” moving into the future as your needs arise. They remain steadfast in customer service. Great team that I highly recommend!

Scott Begin


We felt like we were treated with care and given real design advice and direction throughout the project. There are plenty of web development agencies, but many of them are used to selling a recycled template product. Before Webloft, we have encountered many agencies that just asked for directions instead of offering a solution.

Stanislav Mun

Director of Operations

We’re a new company and this is the first website we’ve ever launched, so there aren’t any quantitative metrics to share at this point — however, I could confirm that Web Loft Designs’ work rewarded us with more clients and referrals. The boosts in our digital presence and revenue were our main success metrics for their team’s efforts. Web Loft Designs delivered everything they promised and remained transparent in communicating what they could and couldn’t do for us — we highly appreciated their team’s straightforward approach.

Rex DeBord

Founder & CEO

We went from zero online presence to 100% online including social media and advertising in a matter of just a couple of weeks. Project management process they have is designed to accommodate any type of a clinet in my opinion. They had a clearly defined process, but they were also flexible without sacrificing the quality of their work. They are a scrappy team, very knowledgeable and they don’t cut corners.

Konstantin Maxakov

Shop Manager

From the inception to completion of my agency’s website development and design, their entire team made sure we were satisfied with the direction and progress. Our business was at a critical growth phase and we needed to convey our team’s ability to scale. The designers and backend developers not only delivered but they always WOW’d us with their creativity and ability to solve challenges along the way.

The team at Web Loft work together and are not Silo’d, which means, requirements and goals get shared throughout the design / implementation process.

Rami Sbeti


Web Loft Design is a very well organized, process-heavy Web development company. If you have worked with many you will know how refreshing this is. WLD uses some great tools to help with the communication pieces on the site map and content as well as site design. All communication is logged via project management software, so nothing falls between the cracks. Have I hammered home the organization point yet? Web development is full of surprises, moving finish lines and scope creeps that often become complicated and there’s a dance to have it remain fair to all parties. WLD does a good job of setting expectations and clarifying in advance of something that may trigger one of the above. It’s not always easy seeing a website through to fruition, but WLD helps make it as painless as possible. I would, and have, recommend Web Loft Design to anyone looking for a website – probably best that you like WordPress, though.

Trevor Ayers

Senior Online Marketing Manager

Smoothie Factory is an international franchising company. Our franchising website is how we attract candidates and grow our brand outside the USA. It’s the ‘face’ of our brand and extremely important to the success of our business. Our website development and maintenance used to be stressful and didn’t get the results we wanted. However, once we engaged Webloft Designs, they provided a detailed analysis and clear plan to make our site shout the loudest. Game changer! Since, then our franchise inquiries and conversions into sales have jumped significantly. I know that we can rely on Webloft Designs to deliver what they say, when they say and provide helpful, professional, and experienced advice. Webloft Designs has made a meaningful difference to our business. My only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner. James Villasana, President Smoothie Factory International

James Villasana


Smoothie Factory

Web Loft Designs has been an integral part of our website development and are always available and responsive to anything we ask of them. The quality of their work is incredible and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Dean Benard