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We provide holistic SEO packages that include all components of search engine optimization.

  • On page SEO - complete optimization of all content, tags, titles, and customer journeys found on the website.
  • Off page SEO - here we will focus on the backlink profile with and without content to further increase your domain authority and trust rating for search engines.
  • Technical SEO - monitoring and fixing speed, scripts, security, and errors that can only be found on the backend of a domain.
  • Conversion rate optimization - we use data from organic visits to your site to help increase the conversion rate of your website.

All of these packages work for an ongoing SEO campaign; the only difference is that we do more, and the results occur faster based on the package that you select.

All Plans Include

  • Screaming Frog Audit/Reporting
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • RSS Feed Submissions
  • SEMRush Audit
  • Backlink Audit/Disavow monthly
  • Profile Listings
  • Keyword Research
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Link Insertion
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Image Sharing
  • Non-content backlink building

Prices are listed:

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Best for growing organic traffic slowly, 5-7% growth rate and technical SEO

Starting at $412.5/moBilled annually at $4,950

Starting at $500/mo


Best for growing organic traffic for a single location.

Starting at $862/moBilled annually at $10,340

Starting at $950/mo

Best Value


Best for ecommerce and national SEO campaigns.

Starting at $1,448/moBilled annually at $17,380

Starting at $1,550/mo

SEO PackagesMaintenance SEOLocal SEOEnterprise national
Results/Increased TrafficMaintaining Rank30 Days60 Days


What Our Customers Say About Web Loft Designs

Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts

2 reviews

2 months ago

The technology we asked them to build was complex.  As a business owner, I cannot stress enough how much I appreciated working with an outside vendor that actually does what they say they will do.  They are people of integrity.  I have consistently worked for more than twenty years with in-house and outsourced development teams, I can honestly say that my experience with Web Loft was the best overall experience I ever had while engaging a third-party development group.

Martin E.

1 review

Web Loft Designs is the only website design and development company I trust with my business.  Within a few months of launch, my site was recognized as one of the “Best Hotel Websites” by two leading travel review sites and continues to be recognized today.

Ryan Miller

1 review

I wanted to take a moment to say that the last round of updates and optimizations are driving legit action.  Your efforts in conjunction with our other activities have increased leads by 19% this quarter alone. All that to be said, thank you.

Dustin Meyers

1 review

One of the things I appreciate most about Web Loft is how thorough they are.  They put themselves in their client’s shoes and think like business owners.  They not only take care of in-scope tasks, but they look for other ways to improve the site on both the front and back ends. Eight months later, I still discover cool functions on my site that I never asked for but surely appreciate Web Loft Designs implementing.

SEO Process: Glossary of Terms

Keyword Analysis: In this step we’ll do a soft keyword analysis based on the information found on the website or shared by the you.

Information Gathering: We will gather the information about marketing efforts done in the past which includes but is not limited to, citations, backlinks, Google AdWords, keywords, and credentials etc.

Website Evaluation (Site Audit): In this step we will evaluate and analyze your website to identify incompatible elements that may hinder search engine spiders/crawlers/bots from crawling and indexing your site pages and offer solutions to overcome these issues in a detailed document.

SEO Questionnaire For Business Details: We will send you a set of questions to be answered so we can understand your business. This also helps us to keep the same information about the company consistent across the internet.

Competitor Analysis: Competitor analysis is important because it gives data about which strategy is working in the industry and what we will need to do to improve our keyword rankings and to outperform other competitors. The insights gained from this analysis help us understand which tasks we should prioritize, and it shapes the way we build our campaigns. We analyze the following elements during competitor analysis:

  • Find Their Keywords
  • Analyze Their Site Optimization
  • Keyword Density
  • META Information
  • Internal Linking
  • Content Analysis
  • Analysis of Their Backlinks
  • Analysis of Their Social Media Profiles

Keyword Research & Analysis: After receiving the questionnaire & competitor analysis, we will do a thorough research and analysis to determine the most relevant and popular keywords/key phrases for promoting. The keywords selected are based on 3 major factors Relevance, Popularity and Compositeness. We use tools like Word Tracker, Keyword/Discovery, Overture Keyword Tool, Google Keywords Planner, and more to determine the keywords.

Baseline Traffic Report: This report will show current traffic to your website (before we begin the SEO campaign). This helps us target our work and improve the traffic to your website.

Baseline Search Engine Rank Report: This report will show your website's current position, before we begin our SEO campaign, for the mutually agreed keywords/key-phrases. It helps us to target our work to improve these rankings.

Identify Landing Pages: Upon approval of keywords/key-phrases we will determine the best landing page/s for each group of keywords.

Page Optimization: Based on the finalized keywords we will create a detailed document that states the recommended SEO changes for the identified landing pages in terms of the following:

  • Meta Tags Optimization - Meta tags play a major role in On Page Search Engine Optimization. We will create custom Meta tags for the final keywords according to the current competition.
  • Page Headings - Page headings are also important for web browers. We will create custom Page Headings as well.
  • Page Content Optimization - We will edit/add content (if needed) based on final keywords to maximize keyword density without disrupting the user experience.
  • Image Optimization - Optimizing the images in a website with ALT tag helps the search engines to interpret the information easily. We will add keywords to ALT tags to maximize keyword density.
  • Hyperlink Optimization - Optimizing the links within a website with appropriate anchor text is very important in order to give your readers a good navigation. Also Search Engines gives prominence to keyword rich anchor text. We will create keyword rich anchor text in order to maximize keyword density.
  • Google Analytics Integration - We will generate a Google Analytics code & integrate to the all website pages, if not already in place.
  • Google Search Console &XML Sitemap Creation & Submission - The Sitemaps Protocol allows a webmaster to inform search engines about URLs on a website that are available for crawling. It allows webmasters to include additional information about each URL when it was last updated, how often it changes, and how important it is in relation to other URLs in the site. This allows search engines to crawl the site more intelligently. We will setup Google Search Console and create & submit the XML Sitemap.
  • Creation of Robots File - A robots file is a file on a website in the root directory which determines which search engines have access to which pages within a website. We’ll create/update robot files.

Search Engine Submission: This step covers manual submission of optimized website pages with all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Content Calendar: For activities which require content like articles, case studies, FAQs and press releases. We create a content calendar which contains date & keywords in advance to deliver the content marketing on time.

Local Marketing (if applicable): Local Search listing enables users to find businesses and services within a specific geographic region. A Local Search Listing means potential customers, searching in local search engines, local directories, online yellow pages and other local search sites such as Google Local, Yellow Pages, Yahoo Local and more, can find your business. A Local Search Listing gives your business instant locally targeted exposure online and delivers more potential customers. It also helps improve the natural search engine ranking. We will also manage your Google My Business account as a separate website, especially for service based industries.

Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is the practice of saving bookmarks to a public Web site and "tagging" them with the keywords. To create a collection of social bookmarks, we will register your website with the leading social bookmarking websites. Social bookmarking is another tool which helps drive qualified direct traffic to your website.

Video Submissions (if applicable): This is another major SEO step which is widely considered as a great captain for the success for generating traffic for a website. Placing videos in several distribution channels like YouTube, Vimeo helps get more qualified traffic to your website. This activity will cover submission of optimized videos to the top video distribution websites.

Image/Infographics: Just like the other off-page activities these two practices helps drive targeted traffic to website. This activity will cover submission of images & infographics to the top websites.

Document & PDF Sharing: Just like the other off-page activities these two practices helps drive targeted traffic to website. This activity will cover submission of PDFs & documents to the top websites.

RSS Feed Submissions: An RSS feed is a resource that shows the latest content from a source and the main thing about RSS is that it automatically updated. By submitting an RSS feed to different directories, you provide another way for your blog content to get syndicated and to distribute your backlinks.

Profile Listing: Profile creation sites are best way to boost your traffic, keywords ranking and backlinks. Profiles are also a great medium to engage with individuals, businesses and companies around the World. This activity will cover creating your profile on high authority websites.

Blogs: Blogs written and posted on a regular basis are vital to any SEO campaign. Our blogs are written for search engines and contain the correct keyword frequency, all of the meta data, internal and external links. Blogs are also welcomed and encouraged by the company to create a varied content calendar that has an "expert" approach. Our blogs will be general knowledge-based so the expert blogs should come directly from the company. Specialty blog writers are available upon request and command a different fee on top of the monthly management.

Article Submissions: Article submission refers to the writing of articles that are relevant to your business and then getting them added to the popular article submission directories. There are various benefits of article submission including advertising, marketing and publicity of your business online. We’ll submit the articles/blogs to top authority websites.

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