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IEA Inc is a professional engineering services solution in Dallas, Texas. One of the biggest challenges that they have is that they are a small company and they need a website that explains how in-depth and high-quality their services are. Although there are larger companies for potential clients to choose from, the experience and expertise that the IEA Inc team has to offer are very competitive and second to none. The company needs a website that can tell their story and show visitors that IEA Inc is among the greatest in the industry and can handle even the most complex projects. Although IEA Inc had a website in place, when they reached out to Web Loft Designs, the existing site was lacking in a number of ways…including aesthetics. In addition to needing a content upgrade, the IEA Inc team wanted to be able to have more access to the backend of the site where they can have the ability to update and make changes on the site when necessary. 


The WLD team has advanced skills when it comes to rebuilding ineffective websites. Marina was able to meet with the IEA Inc team and ask key questions that helped to build an effective website matching the identity of the company. The WLD team set out to create a powerful website designed to tell the story of the IEA Inc team. With high-quality graphics and properly structured content, the new design lets visitors know that IEA Inc is a leader in the industry and is more than qualified to handle any job. In addition to the new look, the WLD team will added a content management system that allows internal administrators of the site to easily make any changes or updates to the content as needed.


The end result is a powerful, dynamic website that truly captures the essence of the company while inspiring visitors to look deeper and explore the pages. The website is beautiful, content is easy to update, and the future of the company looks very bright.

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