Bright Industries

Lewisville, TX


Bright Industries is a unique family-owned business that is made up of several other companies. Through their extensive network, they provide services such as real estate development, construction operations, financial services, corporate hospitality, and even golf operations. The biggest challenge that Bright Industries has to face in terms of their website is that it is outdated and is in desperate need of an upgrade.


The Web Loft Designs team has a great reputation for being able to take outdated websites and rebuild them into masterpieces. As soon as Marina heard the issues that the Bright Industries team was facing she went to work collaborating with the WLD team. Web Loft Designs came together and proposed a plan to use any content that was still useful on the existing site to rebuild a brand-new website with a modern look and a freshly updated structure.


As always, the Web Loft Designs team created a stunning new website with a fantastic look and perfect functionality. The new design complements the business while portraying the authentic essence of the company and providing users with a clear pathway toward what they are searching for.


On a Personal Note

Amy Majerczyk
Executive Assistant

We were looking for a local website designer to help with the overhaul of our current website. Web Loft Designs was quick in their response and very easy to work with. Because of the great customer interface with them, I was happy to chose them as my provider!

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