Professional Access Maintenance and Support Hours

Thank you for being our Customer. As a Professional Access client, we are pleased to provide you with priority support, without all the paperwork.

By selecting a Professional Access plan, you (the “Client”) are hiring Web Loft Designs on a retainer basis to provide on-demand support and maintenance for your website under the following terms.


  1. Upon request, Web Loft Designs will provide an estimate for work to be performed.
  2. Upon approval from the Client, work will proceed and a final logged hours will be deducted from the Retainer bucket.
  3. Estimate may be more or less than final hours logged and retainer bucket will be deducted accordingly.
  4. While we do our best to provide accurate estimates prior to beginning work, should hours exceed estimate, a representative of Web Loft Designs must inform the Client and gain approval prior to proceeding.
  5. Should hours logged exceed the total number of hours remaining in your Retainer bucket, Web Loft Designs will proceed with work and send final invoice for balance owed upon completion.
  6. Hours never expire, and may be applied to project work.


Retainer Support Hours