KT&G USA Case Study: Redefining Global Digital Leadership in the CPG Industry

Posted - January 28, 2021

For more than 130 years, KT&G has been providing high-quality products to a global market becoming the 5th largest in the world in the tobacco industry. Maintaining a leadership presence in this space doesn’t come without challenges, particularly in a global marketplace. The Web Loft Designs team was brought in to help KT&G provide a clear and cohesive brand message. The primary goal for the website was to help clients better understand KT&Gs commitment to providing exceptional products and services — which led KT&G’s team towards a recent reimagining of their digital presence. The culmination of this strategy work can be seen in the new website: www.ktngusa.com

Streamlining Wholesale Operations

One of the key challenges with any business is ensuring that you have access to the correct tools, resources and information. With the launch of the new KT&G site, the client was able to introduce a new way to search for trade partners in the US. This convenient new feature offers easy access to their range of major brands, including Carnival, Time and This.

KT&G has hundreds of trade partners stretching across the country through the 42 states where they have sales approval. Integrating this information onto their website allows buyers to quickly join their team of well-supported distributors in our lucrative program.

Trusted Solutions From a Global Leader in the Tobacco Industry

KT&G USA is continually looking for ways to enhance their operations and their value to partners. The recent website updates also include GDPR-compliance standards and ADA recommendations through a trusted source. It has always been extremely important to their leadership team that the KT&G USA brand be represented with a focus on security, diversity and inclusion.

These upgrades to the terms of service and privacy policies on their new site — as well as compliance with all applicable web-based Americans with Disabilities Act standards — are simply one of the many ways that our ongoing development efforts help communicate the quality of brands we support.

Ensuring that each website visitor has a positive experience expands to the site search itself. We have expanded much of the functionality of KT&G’s website search, making it easier for visitors to find the necessary information within only a few clicks.

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