The Hamburger Menu – A Mobile Must-Have

December 26, 2018

When you hear about hamburger menus, doesn’t your mouth starts to salivate in anticipation of selecting the pinnacle of burger heaven?  But in the world of the internet, the hamburger menu is that little 3 lined button in the top left of your mobile device which allows you to access the menu options for the web page or application you are using.

The world has gone mobile.  Users today are on the go and desktop computers are soon to go the way of the dinosaurs.  But most menus were designed with the desktop in mind, catering to a screen that is sometimes as large as a television.  So, when most users are accessing the internet with a device that has limited screen real estate, it is time to evolve and meet the challenge with a compact approach to menu presentation.

The hamburger is prolific for good reason.  It makes UI and navigation much cleaner, meaning multiple choices are tucked away cleanly so the user can focus on the core functions you want them to see.  The hamburger icon is well-know.  These little 3 lines have been adopted into that famous family of home button, mouse pointer, print logo and power button.  We all use stars and hearts, but are you bookmarking a page or simply liking a post?  The hamburger menu also allows for direct navigational access.  Usability and speed are valued by today’s mobile users, so getting them to screens and features they want to access with only a few clicks is paramount.  The quickest way to lose a user is require them to scroll through irrelevant screens before arriving at their desired destination.

When you work with the team at Web Loft Designs, a clean and easy to use mobile experience is one of the many things that we help clients understand and implement in their websites, so you can attract more customers to grow your business.

Schedule a time to talk with one of our experts and learn more about how this can benefit your business and go enjoy a delicious hamburger.

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