Marketing Automation

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Why Marketing Automation Is a Must

You’ve invested in a beautiful website, as well as advertising services such as PPC and SEO, but how will you follow up with prospects once they hit the submit button?

Far too many businesses utilize a manual process for following up with prospects, that often results in lost sales.


When a business does not initiate a follow-up communication sequence within minutes of a request, the probability a successful transaction taking place drops dramatically. With the sheer amount of information, individuals are exposed to on a daily basis, immediately follow up is critical or you risk the prospect completely forgetting about you and your company potentially solving their problem.

Our Process

  1. Evaluation

    To effectively implement marketing automation, we look at the entire sales process of your business. We examine the systems you utilize, the state of your website, current methods of lead generation, PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns, etc. Our objective is to determine what will work best to automate the manual processes utilizing to nurture leads in your business.
  2. Process Design

    As your business is unique, we design a workflow that integrates online marketing with your sales processes and CRM system to streamline the sales process.
  3. Content Design

    Content is designed to create a customer journey from prospect to raving fan. This includes website copy, landing pages, ads, emails, etc.
  4. System Integration

    Automation involves the seamless transmission of data from one platform to another. In this phase, we create the processes to transmit data from one application to another reducing the level of manual interaction within the sales process.
  5. Deployment

    This is where the rubber meets the road. Your system goes live to begin generating leads for your business on autopilot. This results in your sales team focusing on what matters most, selling instead of worrying about did they miss contacting a lead within a designated time window.

Why Web Loft Designs for your Marketing Automation Needs

Every team has a Captain leading it to success, let us be the ones who lead you to marketing success. We take an integrated approach to all of our clients by asking a simple question “How can we generate more business for this client?”

In this fashion, we design every website, every PPC campaign, every SEO campaign to be part of a larger digital marketing strategy to grow your business. With competitors, they are only focusing on one area, that often contradicts what other parts might be trying to accomplish.

Your business is too important to let marketing take place in the dark, let us light the path towards your success!


I have had an absolutely stellar experience working with Marina and the team at Web Loft Designs. Their overhaul and redesign of our site provided us with a trustworthy, professional web presence. All members of their team are courteous, punctual, and are willing to go to great lengths to make sure their customers are satisfied.
Things are going very well with the new site and we seem to be receiving much higher quality traffic since we’ve made the switch.

Casey Lefer, President

One of the things I appreciate most about Web Loft is how thorough they are.  They put themselves in their client’s shoes and think like business owners.  They not only take care of in-scope tasks, but they look for other ways to improve the site on both the front and back ends.

Eight months later, I still discover cool functions on my site that I never asked for but surely appreciate Web Loft Designs implementing.

Dustin Meyers, Founder

Web Loft Designs is the only website design and development company I trust with my business.  Within a few months of launch, my site was recognized as one of the “Best Hotel Websites” by two leading travel review sites and continues to be recognized today.

Martin E., President

I wanted to take a moment to say that the last round of updates and optimizations are driving legit action.  Your efforts in conjunction with our other activities have increased leads by 19% this quarter alone.

All that to be said, thank you.

Ryan Miller, VP of Marketing at Flash Global