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Bringing the Bible into the Digital Age: How We Transformed Hundreds of Files Into a Scalable WordPress Site

February 29, 2024
Website Design/Development WordPress UI/UX

When Level Ground first came to us with years worth of Bible study materials, we were overwhelmed by the number of files, videos, lists, etc.  But then he shared his vision.

He wanted to create an online home where people could seamlessly access this treasure trove of resources. A place where people in his community and other scripture-seeking folks could easily discover free, easy-to-use training to enrich their spiritual walks.

We knew exactly how to make that vision a reality – through the power of WordPress.

While he had enough content to fill stacks of textbooks, we saw the potential to transform it into bite-sized digital lessons perfect for today’s modern internet user. By leveraging WordPress, we could organize all that material into a slick, intuitive online destination specially designed to re-engage people back with their faith.  

We got to work curating and digitizing content, then used WordPress features like categories, menus and filters to craft the perfect user experience. For us, WordPress was the ideal foundation: robust enough to handle massive amounts of content, yet flexible & user-friendly utilizing our custom design. 

Adding content is a simple operation. A Bible study entry can be created in less than 5 minutes:

  • Each section contains a table of contents that is determined using page headers.
  • Categorizing and tagging puts the study exactly where it needs to be in relation to the rest of the pages.
  • The last step is to add a video or an audio file so that people can have an alternate means of studying The Word.

The end result? A WordPress site brimming with Good Book discoveries. A one-stop shop for scripture study catered to the modern learner.

Now Level Ground has a future-proof home able to scale up alongside their ambitious plans to engage more spiritual seekers. Now members of their community can deep dive into scripture anytime – whether from home or on Sundays at church. Seekers looking to strengthen their spiritual foundations can find just what they need in a few clicks.  

Bringing the Bible into the digital age? We call that a test of vision – and proof of the power behind WordPress.


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