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Reposition Your Brand to Dramatically Accelerate Sales on

January 6, 2021

Millions of brands are fighting for eyes on, making it increasingly difficult to differentiate your products from the competition. Evolving your eCommerce model on the world’s largest selling platform is a vital component of your growth strategy – but how can you be sure you’re spending your time as effectively as possible? The learning curve to ensure you are taking full advantage of the visibility opportunities on Amazon is steep, particularly when you consider the intricacies of optimizing your logistics, packaging search advertising and more.

Fortunately, there are highly qualified professionals who are able to help you work through any startup pains and provide you with the guidance that you need to supercharge your sales on Are Your Products Being Discovered or Overlooked? Studies show that more than 79% of buyers use to learn more about products, reading reviews and digging into the metadata for each product that often includes details from the seller that might not be available on other platforms.

With the low barrier to entry and the high potential for gains, Amazon has quickly become the darling of individuals and companies attempting to make a go at eCommerce. Unfortunately, a significant number of these products simply languish due to poor discoverability and the lack of focused attention to SEO, online advertising and content development. Leverage Amazon to Drive Traffic (and Buyers!) to Your Website What many sellers do not realize is that not only will Amazon provide a valuable sales opportunity for their business, but it can also be a conversion engine for your primary website.

As Amazon sales grow, direct-to-consumer websites also feel a boost as consumers discover – and fall in love with – new brands.

Getting your brand listed on Amazon is not terribly difficult, but the complexity begins to grow from there. Paid advertising campaigns can be cost-effective when actively managed to ensure you are getting the most qualified leads to view your products and services. Creating an Enviable Presence to Lure in New Shoppers Robust reviews from educated consumers. Well-written content to explain the benefits of your products to new buyers. Swift shipping and clean reporting. These are all hallmarks of a successful eCommerce business. Customer expectations are quite high on the world’s largest marketplace, as Amazon has strict standards regarding everything from shipping times to communication turnarounds. Buyers rarely differentiate between purchasing directly from Amazon within the platform and buying directly from their favorite brands, meaning your job is to live up to the exacting standards that Amazon has set in the marketplace. That means error-free product descriptions, exceptional images, fast communication and an easy-to-implement return policy. Clean Reporting Helps Maximize Profits Are you over-investing in your top-selling product? Even though you may be selling thousands of widget A, perhaps your profit margin is more attractive on widget B. Clean, consistent reporting can help you laser-target your sights on the items that are the most profitable – and identify key competitors to help you gain market share on Keeping this information top of mind allows you to make the best possible decisions about where to spend your advertising and marketing dollars in the future. If this feels overwhelming, you are not alone!

Fortunately, the professionals at Reap Commerce have helped brands of all sizes with eCommerce optimization, online product branding, Google and search marketing, packaging, logistics, online advertising and more. Optimizing your Amazon presence shouldn’t be painful, and many of our clients see upwards of a 7% increases in transactions through our Amazon managed services.

Contact us today at 214-556-6919 for a complimentary initial consultation with our Amazon selling professionals.

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